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Fellow Lover of Liberty,
I know you’ll be shocked to discover that Obama lied to us.
OK, I’m being sarcastic but please know I am so mad right now — and you will be too when you find out what’s happened.
Obama has been bleating all year about how tough he’s been on illegal immigrants. Turns out that not only has he stopped all deportation proceedings against people here illegally
…but he’s released convicted criminal aliens from jail — over 100 a day — including murderers, kidnappers and rapists!
I can’t imagine how he can do this. It’s absolutely insane!
That’s why I’m asking you to complete the ALPAC NATIONAL SURVEY ON OBAMA’S ILLEGAL JAILBREAK.
And with it, I hope you will make your very best donation to AMERICAN LIBERTY PAC to help us in our fight for our America and a return to the values of law, order and decency — and let’s face it, common-sense government!
Obama has gone off the rails. He knows that his time in office has been such a disaster for America that the misguided and star-struck voters who elected him to office…
…are now turning against him.
So he’s frantically searching for a liberal legacy and he’s decided that the destruction of America, by pandering to the pro-illegal alien lobby, fits the bill. And as usual he’s doing it by going around Congress.
U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement (ICE) is a division of the Department of Homeland Security. Sadly, neither Agency lives up to its name.
Right now — on Obama’s direct instruction — ICE, the very government agency whose job it is to deport people living here illegally…
…has not only refused to process 68,000 illegals living in America…
…but has released 36,007 convicted criminal aliens right onto our streets!
Murderers, rapists, kidnappers, thugs, drug dealers, thieves, carjackers, drunk drivers, flight risks — and wait for it — TERRORISTS!
This cynical decision gives Obama’s friends in Big Business cheap labor, gives new members to Big Labor, and best of all — it hands the Democrats the immigrant vote.
And what do we — regular Americans — get?
Apparently, we get to live in even greater fear.
Those 37,007 released criminals had over 88,000 convictions between them. Here are some:

193 homicides
426 sexual assaults
303 kidnappings
1,075 aggravated assaults
1,160 stolen vehicles
9,187 drug convictions
16,070 DUIs (drugs and booze)

The list goes on — and on — and on. Intimidation, extortion, obstructing the police, forgery, arson, prostitution — even treason and sabotage! All across America! It could be happening where your family lives!
ICE cold-bloodedly released criminal aliens — including murderers and terrorists — who had been jailed and were awaiting deportation.
Now they’re all free to roam around America — “on their own recognizance!”
What the ????
Do you think they’ll follow the rules? I don’t. After all, breaking the law is what landed them in jail in the first place!
We must tell our conservative friends in Washington that it’s time to make ICE implement the law — and force Obama to stop ruling like a dictator.
Federal government departments are there to implement the law as passed by Congress — not to do Obama’s bidding!
I need to know what you think. Is this serious enough to call for a Special Prosecutor to investigate Obama and ICE? Complete the ALPAC NATIONAL SURVEY ON OBAMA’S ILLEGAL JAILBREAK and let me know your views.
Believe me, of all the letters I’ve sent, this one may be the most urgent. This is a moment of extreme crisis for our country. Real people are being exposed to real danger. You must help.
Please, fill out the ALPAC NATIONAL SURVEY ON OBAMA’S ILLEGAL JAILBREAK and let me have your views.
It’s time to make a huge noise about this.
Once I know exactly how you feel, I’ll begin the pressure campaign on Washington.  So complete your ALPAC NATIONAL SURVEY ON OBAMA’S ILLEGAL JAILBREAK right now.
I’m going to tell the honest politicians — the ones who believe like we do that illegal immigration is terribly dangerous for this country that our immigration system in America is seriously broken — and Obama’s back-door amnesty for illegal immigrants and convicted criminal aliens will do nothing but make the problem worse for America.
But first, please complete the ALPAC NATIONAL SURVEY ON OBAMA’S ILLEGAL JAILBREAK immediately. Your support is critically important.
Then I must add an additional 100,000 voices to yours. Only if we can collect a huge number of ALPAC NATIONAL SURVEYS along with yours can we be sure that the President, the politicians and the bureaucrats will take our opposition seriously, which is why I must ask you to make your kindest gift at this time.
Thank you for your support. Remember the Battle for Liberty starts here.

Executive Director
American Liberty PAC
PS. Please complete the ALPAC NATIONAL SURVEY ON OBAMA’S ILLEGAL JAILBREAK. When Obama instructed ICE to let 36,007 convicted criminal aliens walk free on the streets of America, he revealed just how little he thinks of us — and our great nation. AMERICAN LIBERTY PAC and I must have your support — whatever you can afford — if we are to get these rapists, murderers and terrorists off our streets — and save our America. Thank you. 

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