Help Me Stop Obama’s Secret Database on Your Family

14 Jun

please sign this important no cost petition… and please forward to all your friends be it parents or grandparents…Thank you

Stop Obama’s Illegal Database!

Dear Friend,

I need your help today to expose a President Obama’s radical strategy to create an unlawful database that gives the federal government private and personal information on your child or grandchild—without your permission.

Act now to stop President. Obama from invading your child and your family’s privacy!

It sounds incredible I know. When I first read the facts, they blew my socks off. I couldn’t believe President. Obama would do this—and that it’s not front page news with big banner screaming headlines everywhere.

President. Obama, right now, is piece-by-piece assembling a federally-controlled database that identifies and collects personal information on virtually every American school child. He is doing this in clear and open defiance of federal laws that ban the Department of Education from housing a federal database on public schoolchildren.

Even worse, through new regulations President. Obama’s also asserting he has the power to share this private and personal data with anyone he wants.

What kind of information on your children and grandchildren are we talking about?

Right now the Obama administration is asking states to collect more than 400 private and personal data points on your child and grandchildren.

Your child’s religion? Clearly none of the federal government’s business, but President. Obama wants the data on your child.

Your child’s health history? His or her visits to the school nurse? Assessments of his or her mental and social well being? None of the federal government’s business, but President. Obama wants that data collected on your child.

Your family’s income? None of the government’s business but Obama wants to know.

Your child’s disciplinary incidents? None of the federal government’s business, but President. Obama is going to put this info into a database he controls, and which he has unilaterally decided he is allowed to share with private parties he decides are doing worthwhile “studies.”

This is not just impersonal or abstract information. It is personal to your child. The federally-controlled database is going to include a federal identification number—possibly your child’s social security number—that allows the government to personally track your child as he or she moves into different schools and indeed through life.

As I said, this is patently a violation of federal laws designed to protect your child’s privacy and limit the federal government. Congress passed explicit laws to restrict the power of the federal government to set curriculum, and banned the Department of Education from housing a federal database of this type.

How has President. Obama skirted the law?

President. Obama’s stealth strategy has been brilliant in a despicable way.

The first step was to fool the state legislatures into passing something called “common core standards”. Sounds pretty right? President. Obama dangled a small amount of money before states—allegedly to encourage them to adopt “common core standards.” This sounds nice, but even the liberal Brookings Institute education scholar Tom Loveless now says that the standards won’t raise student performance. And the Pioneer Institute published a study that shows that complying with Obama’s common core standards will cost state governments $16 billion.

Unconscionable. But the very worse cost is the cost to your family’s control over your child’s education and your child’s private information.

Smuggled into the common core standards legislation that many states quickly passed under financial pressure from the Department of Education was the requirement that states assemble a new kind of database on every public school child: one that allows the government to track every individual child through the years, without parental permission. Even if you originally agreed to let your child be assessed, you won’t be told that letting your child see the school nurse may mean that information on your child will go to the federal government, to be shared with whomever President. Obama wants.

Please help me right now to expose Obama’s illegal database, and the federal power grab behind it. Please take a few minutes to sign the Culture War Victory Fund petition demanding that Congress hold hearings to expose the Obama stealth database, and do something to hold this White House accountable to the law!

The purpose of education is to empower a child, not the federal government. Enrolling in a local public school shouldn’t give President. Obama and his educrats the license to collect –and share—personal and private information on your child without your knowledge or permission. Act now to protect the rights of every child and every parent!

Here at the Culture War Victory Fund, we will fight for your rights—and your children’s rights. We will fight for your rights as a parent to protect your child from government snooping. We will fight for life, for marriage for religious liberty—and we will win!

God bless you thank-you for caring about first principles, about the most important things, the foundational values that make this the most blessed country on earth.


Maggie Gallagher
Culture War Victory Fund

PS Other parents and grandparents urgently need to know they must act now to protect their child and their family’s privacy. We cannot let President. Obama get away with collecting and sharing our children’s personal information on their health, their mental health, their religion –behind our backs and in open defiance of the law! Please send this email to 3 friends so the army of fighters for liberty grows.




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