13 year old girls go to Mexico for Spring Break

08 Apr

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This made the news before it didn’t make the news. Don’t know if the dollar numbers are accurate, but the whole idea is suspect to me. Real parental wisdom! PJ

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~~~~~~this actually made the nat’l news, course no expense can be spared for the gods of the USA

Please read the Snopes link.

Spring Break

Your will not believe this!!! Or maybe you will.

Amazing! Since when do 13 year old girls go to Mexico for Spring Break without their Parents along? Daughter of the President aside, aside also that the Taxpayers are picking up the tab, This has GOT TO BE the crown jewel in the Imperial Presidency of Barak and Michelle! Some real classy PARENTS we have there folks. Let’s send them back to Chicago where they can’t hurt the rest of us any more than they already have! Do we need a better reason that this one to make this a one term affair?

Well, he is at it again- with our tax dollars. Obama setting a great parental example letting a 13 year old fly to Mexico for spring break. Great example of Obama’s wisdom as a father.

You probably are not aware, because the new media has not and will not report this? That’s another subject!

But Obama’s 8th grade, 13 year old daughter, took a few of her girl classmates, on spring break, to Mexico . Oh, almost forgot the best part, and 25 secret servicemen.

Estimated cost of this spring break trip- $2.5 million!!!

Doesn’t that give you a warm and fuzzy feeling that your tax dollars are being spent so wisely and 13 year old girls flying to Mexico for spring break ????

Does this really surprise anyone that this president would do something like this???? He is truly an Imperial President.



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