The Wonderful Benefits of Garlic

21 Dec

The Wonderful Benefits of Garlic


Since ancient times, garlic has been used for medicinal purposes. It has been used to treat and cure various diseases and illnesses from the common cold to the plague for centuries. Thanks to various researches being conducted around the world on the medicinal and health benefits of garlic, its popularity has only increased in recent times. If you are interested in learning more about the health benefits of garlic or Allium Sativum, continue reading this article.

Garlic and its cardiovascular benefits: The cardiovascular health benefits of garlic have been well-researched. Studies have shown that garlic has antioxidant properties which prevent the LDL from getting oxidized. This basically means that your cholesterol level stays under control. The chemical, allicin, is the key compound present in garlic and this is what is responsible for its wonderful health and medicinal benefits. This chemical prevents the blood platelets from forming blood clots. This means that your chances of getting a heart attack are reduced. So, if your cholesterol level is on the high side, make sure to include garlic in some form or the other in your regular diet.

Garlic for colds and flu: Garlic has antiviral and antibacterial properties. So, of course, it is a wonderful remedy for colds and flu. You can just crush two or three cloves of garlic and eat it raw. However, since garlic has a very pungent smell and taste, many people cannot even think of eating it raw. If this is how you feel about garlic, then don’t force yourself to eat it in the raw form. You can just add it to your soups. Nasal blockage and congestion in the sinuses and chest can be easily relieved by warming a little bit of garlic oil and using it to massage sore areas such as the throat and the chest. And if you want to build your immunity and prevent frequent colds and flu, then consume it on a daily basis, either in raw form or by including it while cooking your meals.

Garlic for cancer: Garlic has anti-carcinogenic properties. This means that it is very effective in preventing cancers. It has been found that regular intake of garlic not only prevents the formation of tumors, but also inhibits the growth of existing tumor cells.

Garlic for a beautiful skin: Wondering what to do with those pimples and blemishes on your face? Well, how about trying garlic. Two or three cloves of crushed raw garlic taken first thing in the morning with warm water will get rid of the acne on your face. And since it is rich in antioxidants, it prevents early aging and formation of wrinkles on your face.

And don’t think these are the only health and medicinal benefits of garlic. It has been found to be very effective against toenail fungus and yeast infections anywhere in the body. It regulates the blood sugar level, makes the immune system stronger, and prevents ulcers and hemorrhoids. So, next time you cook your meal, make sure to include two or three cloves of this wonderful plant.

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