Giving away 900 million

04 Mar

I’m sitting here wondering where our government representatives continuously get off spending our money for Hillary Clinton to give $900 million to help the Gaza Strip rebuild is nothing but plain BS. We need that money at home we do not need it over there. When are people going to learn that the United States comes first, I don’t know about you but I’m sick and tired of keep the rest of the world, are welfare package to the world is ridiculous. And I think it’s time that the American people stand up and tell the government so. We have people here in the United States without jobs without homes little children on the street and we have some representative running around the world given our money away its time it stops. Personally I would end this dam war without putting one boot on the ground we have the capability to do it we just won’t use it. Were too damn afraid of what the rest of world’s going to say. If the rest the world is going to act like barbarians then they should be treated that way all the do-gooders that think deference can pack their dam bags and leave the United States. I could go on but I won’t.

This is just one man’s opinion

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