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Think of a letter between A and W.

Repeat it out loud as

you scroll down.

Keep going . .

Don’t stop .. .

Think of an

animal that begins with that letter.

Repeat it out loud as you scroll down .

Think of either a man’s/woman’s name that begins with the last

letter in the animals name

Almost there……..

Now count out the letters in that name on the fingers of the hand you are not using to scroll down.

Take the hand you counted with and hold it out in front of you at face level.

Look at your palm very closely and notice the lines in your hand.

Do the lines take the

form of the first letter in the persons name?

Of course not…….

Now TAKE THAT HAND AND smack yourself in the head, get a life, and quit playing stupid e-mail games!

Don’t tell the secret to others, just send them this e-mail!

Smile & have a great day!

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FW: Teeny tiny deer


> > This tiny deer was delivered by Caesarean section at a wildlife > > hospital after his mother was killed by a car.Little Rupert, who is so > > small he can fit in an adult’s hand, was bornafter vets failed in their b > > attle to save his mother. > > At just six inches tall and weighing just over a pound, he is now in an incubator in the > > intensive care unit at Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital in > > Buckinghamshire. He has only recently opened his eyes. Les Stocker, > > founder of Tiggywinkles, sa id: ‘Rupert’s Mother had very severe injuries. > > We brought him out and got him breathing and then he went into > > an incubator on oxygen. He is now being fed by a tube.’ > > Rupert pulls a striking pose for the camera. > > Staff are optimistic Rupert, now five days old, will make a full recovery. > > ‘Deer are very, very tricky but this one has spirit. > > He’s an extremely feisty little guy and quite pushy,’ Mr Stocker said. Before printing this e-mail – is it necessary? Think Green / Avant d’imprimer ce courriel, est ce nécessaire ? Pensez environnement.


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