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Fw: Letters to the editor


This is a copy of what I sent to the Repository.  Let’s see if they print it. As of 10/24 they have not.

—– Original Message —–

From: Larry

To: letters to the editor

Sent: Monday, October 20, 2008 11:11 AM

Subject: Letters to the editor

I’m going to say what Christian pastors won’t say. When we stand before the Lord will He say well done good and faithful servant, for you have voted for a man who cares not for My creation in that he approves of killing My masterpiece of continued life. You called Me Lord as if I would have approved of your actions or would Myself have voted to kill that which I created.

You silent preachers out there what will the Lord say to you, when you put IRS rules between you and God Almighty. The land in which we live is being handed over to those who are not Christian (meaning follower of Christ).

It matters not the color of a man or woman, or their flowering words, it matters the spirit of the person. Are they God’s child or are they the devils? There are no gray areas as concerning God. I have heard enough about “I can overlook this area because of all the other things”. Sorry, you either is or you isn’t, but be bold about your conversion to anti-Christ and take off your sheep clothing. Other people who know you might think that is how a Christian should act.

Those who think that a Christian can do as he pleases and not what pleases their Lord have not read His Word. Too many churches are too passive and do not declare what is yes and amen as to what it means to have surrendered your life to Him.

Soon the prophecies of the second coming of the Lord will take place. Will your actions bring you good results? I hope so.

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