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19 Oct



January 15, 2007
Old Civil War Boat Found in New Iberia


Imagine starting a renovation project and finding out what’s left of a 140-year-old boat used during the Civil War was on your property.

That was the case for New Iberia architect, Paul Allain, who discovered the planks buried four feet beneath his office along the Bayou Teche.

You can see the keel of the ship displayed in his pond.

The entire bottom hull of the 95-foot ship sits in the water beneath four feet of mud.

Allain says he hopes to be able to get the boat registered on the National Registry of Historic Places and he’d actually like to get it preserved because at this stage of where the boat is it’s very vulnerable to boat traffic and erosion, so he want to put up some kind of protective barrier.

After months of research, it was determined that the boat was taken over from the Confederacy by the Union Army.

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