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Don’t Let Gas Prices Strangle Your Freedom




Don’t Let Gas Prices Strangle Your Freedom




100 Mpg, even for SUVs, Is Totally Possible With A New Breakthrough Technology That Won’t Stretch Your Pocketbook


Can you imagine what being able to bum all the gasoline in your engine would mean to fuel savings? Well, that is what we did! Using a magnetic and electrical reaction to break down the fuel molecules into their elemental state, the PICC creates a plasma,

which burns super efficiently and cleanly! The revolution is that we do it before it goes into the engine-not after the engine has wasted it. Everything you would otherwise be

   throwing away would now be burned IN YOUR ENGINE, providing additional

mileage and power! Our "Pre-Ignition" Catalytic Converter feeds the engine instead of the environment. So the gasoline you pay for goes further and the exhaust is so negligible it hardly registers.


In a scientific test at our Research Facility, we got 9X the fuel efficiency from a gas guzzling 318 V-8 Chrysler engine. Before the PICC modification, the engine used 18 pounds of fuel or around 22 mpg. After the PICC Modification, the engine used only 2 pound:; of fuel instead of 18-an increase in efficiency of 9x. In other words, the vehicle traveling at 65 mph up a 30 degree incline for an hour would have obtained almost 200 mpg!


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