Clinton Said it in95 and Trump said it it 16


I am an American



Natassia My answer


Jon Voight Releases Video Urging Americans To Vote For Trump


Don’t Understand

don’t under stand why blacks would vote for Clinton when the have a black President

and he did nothing for them, and Clinton will do less than that wake up people

I know the truth is hard to here but Trump tells it. As for Trumps locker room talk it go on all

the time by both men and woman grow up it’s reality get over it.

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Team Trump Tennessee

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Don Trump verse Bill Clinton

The story that the times published about Mr. Trump is true but that is man talk most men talk like that when it is man to man.

so women if you disapprove of this kind of talk get rid of your Husbands and boy Friends.

Women do the same thing don’t for get that people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Time from time we all live in a glass house.

O yes lets not for get the BIGEST womanizer ever in the white house that right Bill Clinton and you woman gave him to terms.  

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